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To Inspire Positive Change

Privé is guided by its mission of empowering and inspiring people to make positive changes for themselves and the world, and is already an active proponent of providing opportunities for marginalised members of our community, a strong voice in food sustainability and the plant-based movement.

We believe in making the world a better place and that starts from within us. We are building a culture that unites people around a common cause and that is to exemplify the goodness of every individual.


Going the Extra Smile

Our Service Philosophy of “Going the Extra Smile” underpins our efforts to always deliver warm and genuine hospitality to our customers, to do our best to anticipate and fulfill their needs, and to do this with a smile.


Environmental Sustainability & Productivity

Sustainability and social consciousness are part of Privé's DNA. Privé will always do what is responsible and to do its part for the environment. Privé actively strives for business productivity and constantly seek ways to reduce reliance on manpower through HR practices, operational solutions, and technology usage.

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Plant-Based Offerings

Animal farming is not sustainable and contributes more to greenhouse gases than the transportation sector combined. What makes Privé stand out even more is its strong reputation as a pioneer in plant-based dining and being the first adopter of meat-alternative brands like Impossible, Beyond, OmniMeat, Heura and Dynameat, that inspires people to make better choices for sustainability.

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Since October 2018, Privé implemented a plastic-free policy by eliminating plastic straws and single-use plastics, going plastic-lite by using reusable storage boxes, paper takeaway packaging, eco cutlery and carry bags. For deliveries and takeaways, Privé is also using reusable tote bags or paper bags.

Be Kind to Every Kind

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